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Corktown FAQs

When you pass by Corktown, located in Toronto, you will notice many conspicuous traditional Victorian houses. You will also see a growing number of startup companies. If you’re interested in living in Corktown, here are some frequently asked questions with answers about this interesting place to help you decide.

What is this neighborhood’s history?
Some sources claim Corktown was named after the first settlers in the area who were from Cork, Ireland. Another possible suggestion is that the presence of a distillery, breweries and cork-stopper manufacturers in the vicinity which employed the residents.

Who lives in this location?
Since it’s cheaper to live in Corktown compared to other places in downtown Toronto, families and senior citizens with slightly higher than average incomes or young families and couples starting out who want affordable rents are attracted to this place. With the recent developments within this area, young professionals also started flocking here.

What historical places are worth-seeing?
Little Trinity Church, established in 1842, still stands here. More than 160 years ago, merchant William Gooderham established this church for the workers at his distillery and grist/flour mill, constructing a Gothic Revival church that’s now acknowledged as one of Toronto’s architectural gems. Gooderham chose to worship with his employees. This began Little Trinity’s tradition of strong lay leadership drawn from all walks of life. Beside this church is Enoch Turner Schoolhouse Foundation which was Trinity Schoolhouse in the 1840s. This was Toronto’s first free school. Now, it is a foundation whose mission is to support the conservation, interpretation and public enjoyment of the Schoolhouse.

Where’s the best place to eat or drink?
Corktown has recently welcomed a spate of new restaurants, stores and cafes. Odin, a Nordic-Canadian Cafe + Bar, is open from early in the morning for their great espresso and weekend brunch to late at night for local craft beer, wine and eats. Roselle East, the original location of Roselle Desserts has a limited seating, but they serve signature cakes, caramels, cookies, and their seasonal Earl Grey softserve. Mengrai Thai serves authentic Thai dishes, offers cooking classes and catering services. They’re so popular some local and international celebrities including John Travolta and Justin Beiber visited them. Also try KIZA, the first pan-African restaurant in Toronto. Their menu consists of a selection of popular dishes from across the continent.

Are there any special events?
Every Thursday from May to October, Underpass Park Farmers Market opens in the heart of Corktown. People can shop locally grown produce and homemade products including wild blueberries, onions, pickles, tomatoes, chocolate, honey, apple cider vinegar, etc. You can hang out with your loved ones, watch concerts, and more. They also offer free yoga in the morning at Underpass Park. This free class is offered in conjunction with The Yoga Sanctuary.

For many years, Corktown was an overlooked district situated on the eastern periphery of Toronto’s downtown core. Now it has evolved into an industrial and commercial part of the central city. It’s the city’s new up-and-coming neighbourhood, so living in this place can be a good investment.