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Why Cabbagetown is Worth a Visit

Are you wondering how this place got its name? Its history began in the 1840s when thousands of Irish immigrants settled here after fleeing the Potato Famine in their homeland. These poor early inhabitants grew cabbages on their front lawns which became a staple of their diet. This is how this destination came to be known as Cabbagetown.

To preserve the cultural and historical integrity in the site, most of the fine collection of Victorian homes in the neighbourhood have been restored under the supervision of the Cabbagetown Preservation Association. Cabbagetown is now one of Toronto’s most popular and most gentrified neighbourhoods.
Here are reasons why Cabbagetown is worth a visit.

Cabbagetown Festival
Cabbagetown Festival, one of Toronto’s original street events held every September, bring performers, artists, artisans, dancers, music and food from different parts of the world and more. This kid-friendly event features an interactive Kids Zone featuring special entertainers, and activities.

Walking Tour
From Riverdale Park to Necropolis Chapel, this destination is a historic district. Riverdale Park, Cabbagetown’s recreational centre, contain a soccer field, an ice rink, running track, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, playing fields, and a swimming pool. It also serves as an access spot to the Lower Don-Recreation Trail. This park, modeled after a late 19th century Victorian farm, is the home of Riverdale Farm which represents the rural farms in Ontario. It’s a real working farm in the middle of the city because they’ve got cows, pigs, sheep, goats, and chickens.

From the park, head to Necropolis- one of Toronto’s most picturesque heritage cemeteries. This Victorian Gothic-inspired cemetery has been the resting place for some of the most renowned and historically important people in the history of Canada. The Necropolis features a mortuary chapel where the remains of Toronto’s former mayor William Lyon Mackenzie lie.

Charitable Organizations
The Cabbagetown Community Arts Centre on Parliament Street provides children from across the city with professional, one-on-one music lessons. The Cabbagetown Youth Centre on Lancaster Avenue offers sports like boxing, soccer, and basketball to less-fortunate children. These organizations have helped thousands of families.

Antique and Design Shops
This place is sprawling with shops specializing in antiques. Labour of Love, a concept store, utilize their space for retail and hosting events. They also collaborate with artists, and cross-promote other local, small, independent businesses. Eclectisaurus, a carefully chosen selection of mid-century modern, vintage & 20th century design, features a wide selection of classic furnishings, lighting, art glass, clothing, accessories, jewelry, textiles, art, books, ephemera, ceramics, metal ware, kitchenware, appliances, barware, and vintage technology. Green’s Antiques specializes in furniture repair and restoration, as well as ceramic, crystal, metal, clocks, and other household items. They also sell vintage antiques, furniture, bronze statues, jewelry, watches, clocks, porcelain figurines, fine china, sterling silver, chandeliers, statues, and collectibles.

Food Shops
The Epicure Shop, a deli and gourmet food shop, offer a bountiful selection of fresh and mouthwatering specialty breads, cheeses, meats, coffees, desserts, and pastries. Purchasing at the Cabbagetown Farmers’ Market will help support farmers who employ more sustainable food practices.

Visiting Cabbagetown will make you appreciate everything that makes Toronto great.